Saturday, October 30, 2010

Starting a website over is relatively simple

You just give up any Google rankings you've built up.

But the key things I was doing with this blog were:

Safeguarding my own name-brand.

Seeing if I could transfer old posts from a wordpress blog to here in order to keep them useful.

It turned out that there is no real and effective way to move a blog on wordpress without also moving the domain name. (Because WP does a non-relative linkage, which makes things show back up at the old domain.)

If I didn't say this before - WP is good to start learning about blogs, but lousy for professional use. The reason I had to move my blog was it almost got me kicked off a second provider when I started getting too much traffic. The best use of WP is to set up on something like  or some other provider which uses WP as a base. ( is OK, but they limit your affiliate sales links and will kick you off with no warning and very little recourse.)

Blogspot is of course much better, but still doesn't have all the usual search engine points covered - and since it's owned by Google, you'd think they would.

Update: (29/09/13) Since Google's Blogger now allows CNAME'd subdomains for f-r-e-e, you can now have all the blogs you want for the cost of a single domain. If that domain is your own name - hey, it's all brand extension...

The best blog engine for a personally-operated blog is b2evolution, IMHO. It SEO's right out of the box and has it's own internal stat system. The only plug-in's I've really needed to install were those to get Google's Analytics and Webmaster Tools to run.

- - - -

All that aside, I'll be working with this blog as I can to simply get more new material here.

Obviously, it's not one of my higher priorities. So it might stay a bit dormant for awhile.

C'est la vie, c'est la guerre.
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